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Thread: Wolfejet has left the league

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    Due to the fact that he cannot play two games a week, Wolfejet has left the league. Now we need a replacement.

    I have put out the word and we will see if anyone is interested.


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    Sorry to all.... I just don't want to be the guy holding everyone up every week.

    Good luck to all in the league.

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    Lunchboxx put up a good fight but the Buff took him out.
    Buff skins 31 Boxx Browns 23.
    Closed out of the game before i could put in any stats. All I know is the skins D had 2 picks and 1 fumble recovery all within the 20 yd line. Browns offense had over 300yds passing.
    Champ had 1 kick return for a TD.Go Champ.
    Hey Vinny, "YOU'RE NEXT!!!"

    Good Game Boxx!!


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