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Thread: The Fruits Of Appeasement....

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    Read this Liberals.....

    You might learn something....


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    Great read.

    [i]An Ayatollah Khomeini who turned back the clock on female emancipation in Iran, who murdered non-Muslims, and who refashioned Iranian state policy to [b]hunt down, torture, and kill liberals [/b]nevertheless [b]seemed to liberal Western eyes as preferable to the Shah[/b]a Western-supported anti-communist, after all, who was engaged in the messy, often corrupt task of bringing Iran from the tenth to the twentieth century...[/i]

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    read between the lines does it say that "preferable" meant we made it happen? who's history is this? was it written by Ann Coulter?

    if Hick is putting it up im not sure i want to make the effort


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