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Thread: Do you now trade Becht?

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    Originally posted by NYJ37/12@Jul 9 2004, 09:21 AM
    why don't we just trade our whole team and start from scratch?
    some of you people, and you must be young kids to think this way, really have no clue about football. I can't believe I'm saying this but Jetman is right, Becth isn't going anywhere. stop blowing a guy that had only 27 catches last year and 2 td's. Becth had 40 catches and I think 4 or 5 td's and he can block. Trade Mickens, are you kidding?
    I do not want to trade Mickens....I was just throwing out a hypothetical. Mickens has stated he would like to be a starter. As for Becht....He and Ricks will need to battle it out. I do not want to cut Baker as he is young and cheap. Dearth must stay as he is our LS.

    Unless we carry 4 TE's, someone has to go. The one thing with Ricks is he was never in a truly positive situation. He has a low more upside for us at this position than Becht at the moment.

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    Considering Ricks can't block whatsoever the team really can't get rid of Becht. Plus who knows if Ricks will learn the offense right away while you know that Becht is already proven. It doesn't pay to release him and hope Chris Baker is adequete and whoever said trading Baker was more likely is probably right. Becht is in his last year and even if you could find a partner trading for him you would not get much whereas you may get a 3rd or 4th rounder for Baker.

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    James Dearth is a terrific long snapper and I wouldn't de-value or demean the importance of having a good one. That position can cost you games especially the close ones.

    Dearth is not going anywhere unless Randy Chevrier takes his spot this pre-season.

    Becht is not getting traded and there would be a few teams that have interest because Becht is a good guy, he's young and he's a very good in-line blocker. I think, Washington would want him but Ricks and Baker don't have the power skills that Becht has in the run game.

    The Jets really have 3 tight ends and a long snapper. Dearth is not really a tight end.

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    Originally posted by JerseyShoreJet@Jul 9 2004, 07:26 AM
    We may have to let Becht go anyway, as we have Chad, Abe, and Ellis to worry about.
    Thats a point folks are neglecting to mention.

    Becht doesnt go anywhere this year, and they might just keep Becht, Baker, Ricks AND Dearth, as Dearth doesnt really actually PLAY TE. We'll have to wait until training camp to see how that shakes out.

    But there's a strong, strong chance that Becht doesnt get resigned next year so that they can pay other more key free agents, and its a nice luxury to possibly have 2005's TE's already on the roster in 2004.


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