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Thread: OT: Jeopardy

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    Totally off topic, but has anybody been watching Jeopardy recently?

    I guess they got rid of the 5 episode limit awhile back, there's now a guy who (last night) won his 26th straight episode and has racked up $828,960 in winnings.

    Plus, he doesn't just squeak by the competitors, he beats the crap out of them.

    I'd suggest that if anybody is watching tv at 7:00 tonight, tune in, the guy's a freak of nature.

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    I saw it once about a week ago. Its incredible that hes been doing this for so long.

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    Jeopardy has gotten so easy (well, compared to how it used to be... a person with a HS education could get 3/4s of the answers) that all you need to do to win right now is have good reflexes to buzz in first. This Ken guy knows a little bit in every subject, and has those reflexes.

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    I laugh my ass watching it. Earlier this week going into final jeopardy the guy had about 25K and his closest competitor had 1K....the other guy was minus $4600. I mean you talk about a shellacking. At one point when he had $18,000, both competitors were in the negative!!! I love watching it with this guy, I just laugh.


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