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Thread: See ya, Kenyon!

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    No way should the Nets match. I know Ratner will be painted as a chump and a cheapskate for letting KMart walk, but big deal. Let KMart go down and suffer in Atlanta without Jason Kidd giving him the ball at the rim 5-10 times a game. KMart is a great defender and an adequate rebounder, but he's dreadful offensively if Kidd isn't giving him the rock at the lip. Maybe they can work a sign-and-trade with Atlanta and get Abdur-Rahim back. He's not my favorite player, but he is a skilled offensive player who will give Kidd somebody to throw it to who can make his own shot.

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    Agreed. Although K-Mart surprised the heck out of me with his offensive game in the playoffs its still nothing to write home about. He is nowhere near a max-money player.

    I hear the Nets want Nene from Denver but the Nuggets wont give him up. I dont understand why. If they get K-Mart Nene will have to come off the bench. The Nets may have to settle for that young 7-1 kid.

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    I love Kenyon's fire.....this is why he was my favortie net....But PEACE KENYON!!!!

    He's not worth that kinda chedda...hell's no.

    For the love of god please get rid of Kittles

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    $84 millijon over 6 years is the type of $$$ reserved for all around stars. Kenyon is solid defensively, and a good rebounder, but limited offensively. Let him go, or work a sign & trade, if possible.

    That kind of $$$$$$ can be better spent elsewhere.


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