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Thread: The Troll's Annual NFL Predictions

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    [b]2004 NFL Predictions

    [u]American Football Conference[/u][/b]
    [i]AFC East[/i]
    NEW ENGLAND Patriots 11-5 Won't break Dolphins record, but won't have Super Bowl hangover either.
    NEW YORK Jets 9-7 With a healthy Pennington and a shiny new defense, don't sleep on the Jets
    BUFFALO Bills 7-9 Season rests on whether or not Drew Bledsoe's horrible 2003 was a fluke.
    MIAMI Dolphins 6-10 QB controversy + aging defense + no offensive line = heads 'a rollin'.

    [i]AFC North[/i]
    BALTIMORE Ravens 10-6 With allegations hanging over Jamal Lewis, defense will have to step it up. They will.
    CLEVELAND Browns 8-8 Garcia, Winslow, and Suggs will form a formidable offense to carry them in weak division.
    CINCINNATTI Bengals 7-9 Improved defense, young offense, doesn't matter. Could win division if they'd start their backup QB.
    PITTSBURGH Steelers 6-10 The loss of Mike Mularkey and the parting ways with old veterans make this the worst Steeler team in years

    [i]AFC South[/i]
    INDIANAPOLIS Colts 11-5 Will need to score 35 points a game, because they may give up 30.
    JACKSONVILLE Jaguars 10-6 Perhaps the best young team in football will turn heads by bumping the Titans out of playoffs.
    TENNESSEE Titans 8-8 Lost veteran players without picking up any experienced replacements. Black cloud will follow McNair.
    HOUSTON Texans 7-9 A year away from legitimately contending. Won't have a top ten pick in 2005.

    [i]AFC West[/i]
    KANSAS CITY Chiefs 12-4 Sky's the limit with improved defense.
    DENVER Broncos 10-6 Offensive questions will plague a team that strongly improved its shoddy defense.
    OAKLAND Raiders 5-11 Kept their geriactric players and acquired new dinosaurs as well.
    SAN DIEGO Chargers 4-12 If they didn't have LT, they'd be a serious 0-16 contender.

    [u]Division Champions[/u]
    New England(2), Baltimore(4), Indianapolis(3), Kansas City(1)

    [u]Wild Card Teams[/u]
    Denver(5), Jacksonville(6)


    [u]Wild Card Round[/u]
    [i]Indianapolis 27, Jacksonville 17
    Baltimore 17, Denver 10[/i]

    [u]Divisional Playoffs[/u]
    Indianapolis 34, New England 21
    [i]Kansas City 31, Baltimore 20[/i]

    [u]AFC Championship[/u]
    [i]Kansas City 41, Indianapolis 34[/i]

    [u]AFC Champions[/u]
    [b]Kansas City Chiefs

    [u]National Football Conference[/u][/b]

    [i]NFC East[/i]
    PHILADELPHIA Eagles 11-5 Now that he has the weapons, this season will prove McNabb as either elite or mediocre.
    WASHINGTON Redskins 10-6 The Yankees of the NFL finally have a coach that can get them what they want.
    DALLAS Cowboys 8-8 Defense as good as ever, but a QB controversy and a suspect offense will doom Parcell's boys.
    NEW YORK Giants 5-11 May have actually managed to get worse from last year's 4-12 team, but Coughlin will help.

    [i]NFC North[/i]
    MINNESOTA Vikings 12-4 New defense should compliment firey offense to give Vikes home field advantage.
    GREEN BAY Packers 9-7 Favre and Green will carry the load for an otherwise average team.
    DETROIT Lions 8-8 Harrington has more young weapons than any other QB in the league.
    CHICAGO Bears 4-12 Bears over-achieved with Jauron as coach and they have virtually no experience at QB.

    [i]NFC South[/i]
    CAROLINA Panthers 10-6 If offensive line can gell, no reason why they can't repeat as division champs.
    ATLANTA Falcons 8-8 Could run away with division if Mike Vick stays healthy. That's a big IF.
    NEW ORLEANS Saints 7-9 Will burn out late once again and cost Haslett his job.
    TAMPA BAY Buccaneers 6-10 Too much turnover on roster, not to mention QB controversy between three men.

    [i]NFC West[/i]
    SEATTLE Seahawks 10-6 They want the ball, and they're gonna score.
    ARIZONA Cardinals 9-7 With a solid draft and Dennis Green at the helm, Cards turn out first winning year since 1998.
    ST. LOUIS Rams 7-9 Bulger better cut down on INTs, because their defense won't be as good as it was last year.
    SAN FRANCISCO 49ers 1-15 Will be featured during ESPN's 50th anniversary special.

    [u]Division Champions[/u]
    Philadelphia(2), Minnesota(1), Carolina(4), Seattle(3)

    [u]Wild Card Teams[/u]
    Washington(5), Green Bay(6)


    [u]Wild Card Round[/u]
    [i]Seattle 27, Green Bay 20
    Washington 17, Carolina 14[/i]

    [u]Divisional Playoffs[/u]
    [i]Minnesota 35, Washington 20
    Seattle 24, Philadelphia 14[/i]

    [u]NFC Championship[/u]
    [i]Minnesota 38, Seattle 28[/i]

    [u]NFC Champions[/u]
    [b]Minnesota Vikings[/b]

    [u][b]SUPER BOWL XXXIX[/u][/b]

    [u][i]Score by Quarters[/u][/i]
    Team 1 2 3 4 OT F
    KC 7 0 3 14 - 24
    MIN 10 7 7 3 - 27

    [u]Super Bowl XXXIX Champions[/u]

    [u]Super Bowl XXXIX MVP[/u]
    [i]Randy Moss, WR Minnesota[/i]

    [u]NFL MVP[/u]
    [i]Peyton Manning, QB Colts[/i]

    [u]Offensive Player of the Year[/u]
    [i]Deuce McCallister, RB Saints[/i]

    [u]Defensive Player of the Year[/u]
    [i]Ray Lewis, LB Ravens[/i]

    [u]Offensive Rookie of the Year[/u]
    [i]Kellen Winslow, TE Browns[/i]

    [u]Defensive Rookie of the Year[/u]
    [i]Sean Taylor, S Redskins[/i]

    [u]Head Coach of the Year[/u]
    [i]Joe Gibbs, Redskins[/i]

    [u]Head Coaching Exits[/u]
    [i]Dave Wannstedt, Dolphins
    Bill Cowher, Steelers
    Norv Turner, Raiders
    Marty Schottenheimer, Chargers
    Jim Haslett, Saints
    Mike Martz, Rams
    Dennis Erickson, 49ers[/i]

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    Pretty good and fair, probably better then most magazines.

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    Dude, you've got massively too much time on your hands. I like the predictions though :D

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    Vikings, I think not. Colts taking out the Patriot no way. I think the Chiefs would have a better shot.

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    Wow, thanks for the predictions...The Redskins make the playoffs? :blink: Don't sleep on the Jets? But no playoff appearance? The Phins 6-10? Minnesota winning the Super Bowl? New England losing to the Colts? With the Colts defense? :unsure: Interesting take on a lot of teams, thanks for the insight but... :huh:

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    Great job.

    There is always a team that comes out of nowhere!!

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    Nice. I think Benglas and Cowboys will do a little better, though.

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    :ph34r: with the Jets many changes I see us in the playoffs in 2004 but you did a pretty damn good job as far as the regular season records are concerned...I pretty much agree with most of seemed to have put more rational thought into it more than those so called "experts" from the magazines.

    Good job.

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    good picks in theory, but no way 2 teams as similar as chiefs and vikes make the superbowl. it just never works out that way

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    [quote][i]Originally posted by ScottishJet[/i]@Jul 10 2004, 10:59 AM
    [b] Nice. I think Benglas and Cowboys will do a little better, though. [/b][/quote]
    Bungles, yes, will do well, possibly take div ahead of Baltimore. Cowgirls, no, they'll suck bad this year.

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    the vikings? no

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    I picked the Ravens before the 2000 season to go to the Super Bowl. When I pick a purple underdog before the season, take note!

    Each year, a majority of the teams that made the playoffs the previous year struggle. The way the magazines pick is to the book of the previous season. You've got to rely on gut feeling and that's what I do.

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    Very nice job on this.

    I especially like your Jacksonville pick as I also think they will be a very good team this year.

    Watch Leftwhich.

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    This is a good work and analysis-I agree Jaguars with the front defensive line and Leftowich are a Carolina type example from last year to do well this year
    One pick I disagree with though is Vikings-Culpepper has never really impressed me and maybe I am prejudiced by the last couple of years with him with the Jets defense-Teddy Cottrell running their defense?

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    Troll, you did a nice job

    Not exactly the way I would have done it, but close

    I also expect the Redskins to be a playoff team ... Gibbs is an absolute immortal ... anyone who under-estimates a Joe Gibbs coached team, does so at his own peril

    I do not believe the Jags are ready for a playoff run just yet

    Agree that Tennessee will take a big step backwards in 2004

    I also see the Ravens winning their division

    I see the Jets outdueling the Broncos for a playoff spot ... even challanging for the division title

    Going out on a limb here, but I believe the Cardinals {and not the Packers} will snatch that last playoff spot in the NFC ... other than that, I have all the same teams in the playoffs, with the Panthers repeating as conference champs

    But again, we are VERY CLOSE in our thinking

    PS. I also see the 49ers being the worst team in football ... oh how the mighty have fallen ... all the way to ROCK BOTTOM


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