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Thread: Where have all the TE'S gone ? ~ ~ ~

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    i don't remember which NFL coach it was but,
    a number of years ago a coach was answering some ?'s re the play/performance/production of his team's TE.

    i don't remember his exact words/statement but, he basically said :
    TE is probably one of the most difficult positions to fill.
    it's very difficult to find a good/productive/effective NFL TE because
    they're all playing POWER FORWARD in the NBA ~ ~ ~

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    Kelly, you are correct ... I distinctly remember that comment as well

    Not sure who said it, but I'm certain it was a GM or HC

    Anyone remember who made that statement?

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    "Eagles coach Andy Reid, asked why there are so few great tight ends in the NFL, replied, "They're all playing power forward in the NBA."


    i found this so im guessing its Andy Reid


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