Originally posted by Vinny025@Jul 12 2004, 02:49 PM
Do you also teach Ickeo for defensive techniques? Also, do you teach handcuffing and searching? I remember those days. If you let go of the linking chain of the bad guy its an automatic failure. Also, if your perp is giving you a hard time, pulling up on the linking chain is a fun thing to do. lol
Yeah, I couldn't in good conscience(sp?) teach my guys how to Taze someone and then ask them to voluntarily to get Tazed without doing it myself. You guys know how it is, you get more respect teaching something if you've been through it before.

Vinny, as for what I teach, I teach a combination of defensive tactics and ground fighting. The defensive tactics we learn are from a companty called PPCT and is a combination of martial techniques, none of which I can name. LOL. it deals with everything from angle kicks, knee strikes other strikes and touch pressure to gain pain compliance, motor dysfunction, balance displacement, distraction or other techniques on the bad guy. (http://www.ppct.com)

The other thing I am an instructor for is ground fighting/grappling.

That deals with how to react when the fight goes to the ground, where most of them do. It's extremely benificial for one on one encounters when your backup isn't close and you're in a fight for your life.

All of the areas I teach emcompass searching, securing, handcuffing, etc. To be quite honest, I'm a relitively new instructor and I still have to go to OC Spray school and a few other knife defense classes.

And the funniest part of the taser, if you taze someone and their friend comes at you, you can drive stun the friend, and as you're tazing him, the original guy is getting jolted again too.