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    Well, ive seen the light and now cant stand him like thousand's of other sports radio devotees. Hes a pompous, pile-on the little guy smart @$$ and thatís it. I know that you donít keep up with b-ball (and you know I donít care for it) but Rome's take on this whole Carlos Boozer contract demand with the Cavaliers was the final straw. Boozer only stood to make 700k next year with Cleveland. He told them he thought he was worth more and they agreed, but told him if he played out his final year he would reap a HUGE contract. He asked if he could be let out of the final year and sign a smaller contract, still making far more than he was scheduled. They said "yes" and they let him out of it with the understanding the he would simply resign. Well, much to EVERYONE'S surprise, Boozer reneged on his agreement with Cleveland and signed with Utah for a ton of cash. This is a pretty unprecedented move with a team letting a player off with a "verbal" agreement and the player turning his back on the team.

    Anyhow, Rome, with all his omnipotent skills, said that he predicted all of this and its no one's fault except Cleveland. That may be true, they drafted the kid, paid him for 2 years and got suckered for trusting him, but for Rome to boast that he "saw this coming" is arrogant and wrong.

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    I didn't need this teo realize that Rome is a tough listen to anyway. But there are some posters here who really like his show.


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