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    Since nobody posts in the NBA forum, I'll put this here:


    Kenyon Martin was on the verge of being traded Thursday from the New Jersey Nets to the Denver Nuggets for three future first-round draft picks, a source told The Associated Press.

    The deal was the result of several days of on-and-off talks between the teams, the Nuggets successfully resisting New Jersey president Rod Thorn's efforts to acquire Nene as a replacement for Martin at power forward.

    The draft picks will include one of the Nuggets' own picks, along with two picks from a pool of three formerly belonging to the Los Angeles Clippers, Washington Wizards and Philadelphia 76ers. There are varying levels of draft lottery protection on the three picks, though none are protected beyond 2006, according to a source closely involved in the trade discussions who spoke on condition of anonymity.

    The trade, expected to be completed later Thursday, will be a sign-and-trade deal - Martin signing a seven-year contract with New Jersey and then immediately being shipped to the Nuggets for the three picks.

    The Nets declined to comment Thursday.

    Denver can absorb Martin's salary without having to trade any payroll back because it is far enough under the cap to absorb Martin's first-year salary - nearly $11 million if Martin gets the maximum amount allowed under collective bargaining rules.

    The Nuggets will still have salary cap space remaining after the trade, though the exact amount will be determined by the structure of Martin's new contract.

    Martin, the overall No. 1 pick of the 2000 draft, averaged 16.7 points and 9.5 rebounds last season. He is known as one of league's best defensive forwards.

    Martin is a restricted free agent, meaning the Nets have the right to match any offer he receives. But the Nuggets were reportedly set to offer Martin a front-loaded contract with a hefty signing bonus, and the luxury tax ramifications would have been costly for incoming Nets owner Bruce Ratner.

    But by losing one of the team's best players, the value of the franchise Ratner is acquiring has been diminished - at least on the court. New Jersey won two straight Eastern Conference championships before being ousted last season in a seven-game second-round series against the eventual champion Detroit Pistons.

    The Nets have little depth at power forward, with third-year forward Brian Scalabrine and veteran Aaron Williams the most likely candidates to step into Martin's old spot. Rodney Rogers, the Nets' other backup power forward last season, is a free agent.

    The addition of Martin will strengthen Denver's frontcourt, which already includes Marcus Camby, Carmelo Anthony and Nene. The Nuggets next pressing need will be acquiring a shooting guard - either a backup to Voshon Lenard or someone who can compete with him to be the starter.

    Martin also had been heavily courted by the Atlanta Hawks, who have more salary cap space than any other NBA team but have been unable to find a top-tier free agent willing to take it.



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    Great news for Nuggets fans. Since I moved out to Colorado 6 years ago, I've always cheered for the Nuggets (Knicks will always be my first love). They had quite a dynamic team BEFORE KMart. Things can only get better. I'm going out on a limb that the Nuggets will win more games than the Shaq-less Lakers!

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    How did the knicks make out with Kobe and Sheed? :lol:

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    Originally posted by Smizzy@Jul 15 2004, 02:42 PM
    How did the knicks make out with Kobe and Sheed? :lol:
    You know the "Scott Layden capped Out Knicks" had no shot at a major free agent this summer. But to lose Martin, and get back 3 1st rounders, all of which are somewhat lottery-protected, is a bad move. Nets needed to come out with Nene here, or else match the contract and work a trade with Kittles.

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    Originally posted by blackout806@Jul 15 2004, 03:21 PM
    i hope kenyon martin realizes that jason kidd doesn't play in denver. kidd made everyone on that whole team better...kmart's numbers will be down this year.

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    Andre Miller is no scrub.

    That team is loaded, Camby, Martin, Anthony, Miller.

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    no, not a scrub, just not Kidd.

    hell, either way, i'm a knick fan, i say good riddance to all of them. the nets and kmart quickly moved up my list of teams that i hate. i just hope they remember how bad they were for so long, cuz before long, they'll be bad again.

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    Miller is a decent point guard, although I'm still trying to figure out what happened in his walk year when he was with the Clippers. But he's no Kidd with the passing skills. So I do not expect Martin to have the kind of offensive numbers he had last year. The running dunks and other easy stuff will happen much less often this year. Also, with Carmelo, there will not be many plays set up for Martin. Finally, Camby will be the main offensive rebounder, so he will get most of the putbacks.


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