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Thread: Bitonti's Bengals @ Vinnys025's Texans

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    The first quater was actually scoreless, it seemed like we were both playing very carefully, and waiting for the first person to make a mistake.

    I was up by 2 td's in the 3rd quater when Bitonti let the gloves off and was no longer carefull. He scored 2 td's in less than 2 minuts!!! Then I threw a bomb to the next Terrel Owens (trust me on this) and scored a quick td.

    It was all tied up 28-28 with around 4 minuts in the game when I went on a drive that ate up the rest of the clock. He was unable to stop the run when it mattered most. I kicked a FG with time expiring and won the game.

    Great game Bitonti, way to comeback like you did so quickly and prevent the milking of the clock. That was the best game i've had all year. As always, we have battles when we play

    Final score 31-28

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    congrats vinny...when do you want to play our game?

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    Tomorrow night or Sunday, if thats ok with you

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    I should be around later tonight or sunday Ill get back to you later if i definetly can.

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    the game was probably decided first quarter 4th and 1, i missed the 48 yard FG

    the rest of the game was played without mistake on both sides

    im ok with the loss

    cause did you see when Rudy Johnson broke that 80 yard run and "did the vin" right before the end zone? that was classic

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    Yeah, you broke an 80 yard run for a td, then returned a kick 79 yards. That was crazy, I never give up big plays like that. Yeah, that was a cheap attempt at doing "the vin". Imitation vin is more like

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    dude give credit where credit is due

    i may have lost but i did the vin!!!

    and thats all that counts!


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