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    Report: Carter wants to be a Knick Staff


    Vince Carter wants to be a Knick.

    The Saturday editions of The Globe and Mail reported that Carter wants to be traded to an Eastern Conference team, ideally the New York Knicks, an NBA source told the newspaper.

    "He wants out and he needs to go," the source told the Globe. "He is very, very firm on that. He needs to go. They're supposed to be working on something right now. It might have to involve a third team, or they may have to acquire someone and pass him through."

    The source, who asked not to be identified, told the Globe that the four-time all-star would return for his seventh season with the Toronto Raptors only as a last resort.

    Raptors general manager Rob Babcock has said he has no plans to trade Carter while acknowledging that he's talked to eight or nine clubs about Carter.

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    Yeah, problem is the Knicks dont have anyone the Raptors want that could give equal value. I dont see it happening without the Raptors getting fleeced.

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    Carter + Marbury + K Thomas = B) B) B)

    lets just hope Isiah somehow gets this to work

    Im not expecting the Knicks with Carter to win the championship by any means, but I'd love to see a second-round-knockout type of Knicks team again

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    Knicks (sadly) do have the means to acquire Carter. Dampier? Yes, but there are not too many more chips to be used for Carter. Even Crawford may be too expensive to get.


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