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Thread: Dampier to be a Knick?

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    Nazr Mohammed + Othella Harrington = Dampier

    The decision is now up to Dampier. He can either choose the Hawks or Knicks.

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    He's meeting with the Hawks. If he somehow takes that offer, he's a fool. Why spend your life with a rotton team, as Kobe will soon find out.

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    Supposedly the Hawks offer is 1 million per year less than what he'd make with the Knicks.

    Chances are he's wearing blue and orange very soon... :lol:

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    Nick Van Exel just got traded to Portland for Dale Davis. So Golden State does not need a backup center, thus making Nazr useless to them. I would be surprised if Dampier winds up in NY

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    in the west, you need as many centers as you can get

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    I wanted Dampier but after looking at his career stats I'm not so sure anymore. He had a nice year last year - in his contract year - what a surprise, other than that he's been a JAG his whole career.

    In other words - Buyer beware.

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    I think Dampier is having some second thoughts about the NY media spotlight. Also, the trade for Dale Davis sure huirts the Knicks chances, unless they repackage the deal.

    But we shall see.

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    Yup, its looking like even is Dampier wants to come to NY, Golden State may not want or need what the Knicks are offering.

    And JetsMan57 brings up a good point...last year, his contract year, he was 12 ppg/12 rpg right? Before that, nowhere near it. So there's reason to be wary.

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    Knicks don't need Dampier. They need Jamal Crawford more. I hope Rodney White doesn't come to the Knicks. He would be a waste of the MLE.


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