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Thread: I'm trading my madden 04 in for 05

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    So I hope we can get to the championship before this takes place. I posted this before the season started. My EB games needs 8-10 days notice in advance for their orders, and i'm not chancing missing out on the release date of 05. So can we please get these games over with?

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    I'll be doing something similar as well. Lets get these games moving folks!

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    Vinny or Jared do you guys know how much Eb or like Gamestop will give you for 04?

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    call up EB, I think they have a deal going on if you put 2 games toward 05 pre order, I think you get an extra 20% on top of what your trading in. And some EB's have a deal ...any 2 games and you get espn 05. Another deal going on is 3 games pre order for madden and its yours. You just have to call up your local EB and see which one they are pushing there.

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    Thanks alot Vin Ill call them up today


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