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    Since Buff and Roc share the same IP address. Sooth has banned the IP address. Also Roc's schedule has created concerns...therefore...

    Vinny has been crowned Champ.

    Hopefully we can all master Madden 2005 to give vinny a run for the championship in 2005...



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    Well I'm certainly semi-amused by the whole situation.

    In any case, at least I can go back to playing as my Pats again now!

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    Thanks guys. I'm sorry it had to end like this, but you all know how this guy was. It was kinda funny at times, and I thought he would be more humble after I destroyed him 31-7, but it did the opposite. Anyway, I cant wait till 05 leagues. Are we still going to do that tournament thing where we all get together and make strategies to win the 50K in the madden challenge?

    There is a tournament over here at my local EB Games, but its the first weekend the game comes out. That means everyone will be raw at the game and not know what to expect. The admission fee is 5 dollars and if you win you get 100 store credit at EB. I'm going to be in it even though I probably wont be that good at the game yet.

    See ya next season


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