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Thread: I wonder if Teresa Heinz tried to write these guys

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    I heard an interview with one of them last Sunday (on my way to a planning meeting for the RNC ironically). They are coming out with a book in September entitled, "The Lies of John Kerry". Let's see if Leslie Stahl interviews them on 60 Minutes! :lol:

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    He looks like such a happy groom. You would be too if your net worth went up $400 million and the numebr and quality of your homes went up by 4 luxury units across the globe. As per various sources, she's referred to as "The Stepmoney" by the campaign and they're doing evrything they can to keep her off radio and tv.

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    [quote][i]Originally posted by Tom The Nader Fan™[/i]@Jul 24 2004, 11:59 AM
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    Gee, these guys don't seem too impressed with Hanoi John's 3 month photo-op over in Vietnam.

    Surely the mainstream media will interview these guys so the truth can be told :rolleyes:


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