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Thread: Whats a law you want changed?

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    I have a Public speaking class i'm taking and wanted some suggestions on what to chat about for 7 minuts on what law that I want changed. Maybe some suggestions from some of your crazy political minds over here?

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    In discussing either the Legallization of Pot or The death Penalty you could easily use up 7 minutes....

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    I did a paper on Capital Punishment last year at FSU and it was probably teh easiest paper to write. You have a ton of information to choose from and it is really not that hard to argue whether you are for or against.

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    Its not a for or againsed, its the changing of a law. And pot is not an option, he said not to do that, and besides I dont, and never even tried pot and i'm 27. What a law that I could argue to change that would be beneficial?

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    immegration is a hot topic and relevant to the economy of the western states

    should citizenship be extended so that people who have US citizen children be forced to pay taxes? they are enjoying services just by dropping a kid on US soil


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    Thanks bit, but I think i'm going with something else. I'm going to argue the law of limiting the military's involvment in the civilian world. I will agrue for letting the military have more power over civilians if it involves national security. I came across an article, and it struck my fancy if you will. Here is the article:::


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    Give lawnmowers the right to vote.


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