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Thread: Kerry Pro-Working Man?

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    For someone who claims to be pro-union, he has a funny way of showing it.

    [quote][b]In an issue emerging as a top election-year priority for organized labor officials, Senators John Kerry (D-MA) and John Edwards (D-NC) have joined with Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA) to file formal arguments at the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) urging the agency governing America’s private sector workplaces to deny employees access to the less-abusive secret-ballot election process when choosing whether to unionize.

    [b]“For two politicians who claim they’ll stick up for America’s workers, taking away basic freedoms is a strange way to show it,” said Stefan Gleason, Vice President of the National Right to Work Foundation.[/b]

    Kerry, Edwards, Kennedy, 14 other Senators, and 31 congressmen joined together to file the amicus curiae brief, perhaps the most noteworthy of dozens of briefs filed last week by representatives of management, unions, employees, public policy groups, and Members of Congress – arguing either in opposition to, or in favor of, the plight of disenfranchised employees aided by National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation attorneys.

    The Board invited the briefs after voting 3-2 to determine the enforceability of increasingly common arrangements intended to limit further employees’ freedom to determine whether union officials are authorized to represent them. These arrangements, sometimes called “card check” or “neutrality agreements,” involve high-pressure card solicitation drives that frequently result in complaints of union coercion from rank-and-file workers.

    Replacing the less-abusive secret ballot election process with “card check” has become the number one requirement of candidates to obtain Big Labor’s support in the 2004 elections. According to the AFL-CIO’s recent statement to BNA’s Daily Labor Report, “we don’t have any issue that’s a litmus test, but this is as close as it gets.” According to the AFL-CIO, more than 80 percent of newly organized employees each year are already unionized through the controversial “card check” process while the traditional election process, favored by federal labor policy and the courts, is used far less frequently.

    “Having trouble selling even a bare majority of workers on the merits of unionization, union officials are resorting to the in-your-face ‘card check’ process to intimidate workers into supporting a union,” said Gleason.[/b][/quote]

    [url=]John Kerry and John Edwards Formally Join Legal Battle to Deny Employees Secret Ballot Elections on Unionization[/url]

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    Sen. John Kerry

    Democrat from Massachusetts

    says he is strongest

    Presidential Candidate on National Defense !

    He said Check the Record..

    We Did !

    Here is what we learned.

    He voted to kill the Bradley Fighting Vehicle

    He voted to kill the M-1 Abrams Tank

    He voted to kill every Aircraft carrier laid down from 1988

    He voted to kill the Aegis anti aircraft system

    He voted to Kill the F-15 strike eagle

    He voted to Kill the Block 60 F-16

    He voted to Kill the P-3 Orion upgrade

    He voted to Kill the B-1

    He voted to Kill the B-2

    He voted to Kill the Patriot anti Missile system

    He voted to Kill the FA-18

    He voted to Kill the F117

    He voted to kill

    every military appropriation for the development

    and deployment of every weapons systems since 1988,

    including a bill for battle armor for our troops.

    It is most likely,

    with Sen. John Kerry as President

    and Commander in Chief of our Armed Services,

    that they will find it difficult to function

    making it more difficult for our country

    to protect itself

    John Kerry voted to kill all anti-terrorism activities of
    each and every agency of the U.S. Government.

    He voted to cut the funding of the FBI by 60%,

    He voted to cut the funding for the CIA by 80%,

    He voted to cut the funding for the NSA by 80%.


    He voted to increase OUR funding for

    U.N operations by 800% !!

    Ask yourself

    Is THIS a the person you

    want as President of these United States

    providing for the Common Defense of the Nation

    and be the Leader of the Free World ?


    Voting history can be accessed through Senate voting records.

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    He's been sticking his foot in his mouth in Ohio, of all places. What a pompous @ss:

    Statement by Rep. Deborah Pryce (R-OH) on Sen. John Kerry's Remarks about Honda of America

    COLUMBUS, OH - Rep. Deborah Pryce (R-OH) issued the following statement.

    "John Kerry's comments attacking Honda's ability to compete are a slap in the face of all Ohio workers. Directly employing almost 16,000 Ohio workers and indirectly supporting thousands more, Honda is one of our states most important companies and Kerry's comments show a troubling misunderstanding of how Ohio's economy works. Considering that Honda has invested over $11 billion in Ohio, it's not surprising that American International Automobile Dealers Association Chairman Buzz Rodland has called Kerry's comments 'troubling' and an 'insult' to employees of international corporations.

    "John Kerry is trying to convince Ohioans to believe his extreme makeover of his out of the mainstream record, which includes support for higher vehicle emissions standards that would kill 450,000 jobs. Kerry's plans for higher taxes, more government spending and more regulation would derail Ohio's economic recovery, and Kerry's misleading attacks against Honda are just another reason why Ohioans aren't going to trust him."


    Kerry Does Not Want Honda of America To Compete With American Companies For Hybrid Vehicle Sales. "Kerry said he didn't want Japan-based Toyota and Honda, the two companies that now sell hybrids - cars that run on both gasoline and electricity - to benefit from Americans' desire for these cars. 'I don't want Toyota and Honda being the sellers of the cars that are now on order, backed up, way backed up as Americans are trying to deal with increasing gas prices and get more efficient cars,' Kerry said. Honda and Toyota manufacture hybrids in Japan." (William Hershey, "Kerry Calls For U.S.-Made Hybrid Cars," Dayton Daily News, 4/23/04)

    Honda Is One Of The Largest Employers In Ohio, With Close To 16,000 Workers. (Joe Hallett, "Return To Ohio," The Columbus Dispatch, 4/23/04)

    Honda Has Made Over $11 Billion In Capital Investments In The Ohio Towns Of Marysville, East Liberty, Anna, And Russells Point. "Marysville, Ohio - Honda has made capital investments of $2.3 billion in this plant which produces 440,000 Accords and Acuras and employs 5,850 Ohio autoworkers. East Liberty, Ohio - Honda's capital investments here total nearly $8 billion; the plant produces 240,000 Civics and Elements per year and employs 2,550 Ohio autoworkers. Anna, Ohio - Honda's capital investments here total $1.1 billion; the plant produces 1.16 million Honda and Acura engines and drive train components and employs 2,650 Ohio autoworkers. Russells Point, Ohio - Honda's capital investments here total over $110 million; the plant produces nearly a million Honda and Acura transmissions and employs 930 Ohio autoworkers." (American International Automobile Dealers Association, "AIADA Responds To Kerry Comments Devaluing Thousands Of Auto Jobs In MI, OH, WV," Press Release, 4/24/04)

    Honda Also Has More Than 150 Suppliers In Ohio, Which Provide Jobs In 55 Of The State's Counties. (Joe Hallett, "Return To Ohio," The Columbus Dispatch, 4/23/04)

    American International Automobile Dealers Association Chairman Called Kerry's Comment "Troubling" And "An Insult" To Americans Who Work For International Companies. "'America's international nameplate auto industry has been and continues to be a driving force in the U.S. economy. The fact that John Kerry seems to be entirely unaware that international nameplates facilitate tens of thousands of high-paying jobs for U.S. autoworkers is very, very troubling,' commented AIADA Chairman Buzz Rodland. 'John Kerry's comments are an insult not only to the tens of thousands of taxpayers who earn a paycheck as a result of investments from international nameplate automobile manufacturers, but also to the millions of Americans whose transportation needs are met with our products.'" (American International Automobile Dealers Association, "AIADA Responds To Kerry Comments Devaluing Thousands Of Auto Jobs In MI, OH, WV," Press Release, 4/24/04)


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