Another "open mouth, insert foot" moment for Teresa and Hanoi John:

African Americans have a mixed reaction to Teresa Heinz Kerry's claim that she's African American herself, at least according to an informal survey conducted this week by WMCA-NY radio host Kevin McCullough.

On Tuesday McCullough posed the question to his African American listeners, asking if it was appropriate for the Mozambican-born first lady-wannabe to describe herself using the term, which is universally interpreted in the U.S. to mean black.

Caller Elgin from the Bronx said Heinz Kerry's claim didn't particularly bother him, but noted, "She's one of the whitest women imaginable. It's kind of reminiscent of Sammy Davis junior considering himself Jewish."

Carona from Brooklyn was less sympathetic, saying, "I resent all these people claiming they're black. When you're African-American, you know who's black and who's white."

Likewise, Kiesha from New Jersey had trouble with Mrs. Heinz-Kerry's claim, telling McCullough, "I don't even remember her ever saying she was born in Mozambique."

She wanted to know, "Which part of her African heritage is she identifying with? Is it the white or is it the black? And we all know that there isn't any black-African association that she has."

But Heinz Kerry, who has referred to herself as African American since she came to the U.S. in 1964, had just as many black defenders, who said it did bother them as long as she was referring to her place of birth and not her race.

McCullough, who moved to WMCA last July after building a following at WYLL in Chicago, took some heat from Anne of New Jersey. "I don't understand why this whole issue is being whipped up . . . She is African American, although she doesn't fit the role."

Arness from the Bronx agreed, saying, "It doesn't matter. Teresa Heinz Kerry is just acknowledging her ancestry."

Still, by the end of the debate, Dorothy from Rochelle Park was still skeptical, telling McCullough, "Ray Charles could see through this."

[b]"Ray Charles could see through this." [/b] :lol: :D :P