I didn't make this up, I promise.

i think our troops should have been pulled out a long time ago, i HATE Bush I think he is as much a p***y as his old man. I'm paying $2/gal. for gas b/c we feel it belongs to the Iraqi people so he wont touch the free oil sitting there. It's ******** WAR !!! it's our country against there's for god sake, you go in you kick ass and you take over !!!! I'm sure a whole ******* of those people from Iraq and Afghanistan are bound to be REALLLLLLLY productive members of society. Look how those camel jockeys live, would u rather lose innocent US soldiers lives or innocent diaperheads ?? We could eliminate those countries from the face of the Earth in a week and noone would give a s**t less. Even better yet why the hell are we going to REBUILD the country we just blew up, what a ******JOKE !