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Thread: Kittles Traded

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    Ratner is looking at this like he's building some sort of expansion team, where you take on losing season after losing season as if they're some sort of "stepping stones." The difference is, this team could have easily won the Eastern Conference if kept intact.

    This friggin' bastard sold the whole team away, because he could give a sh** about what happens to the "New Jersey" Nets. It's all about the Brooklyn arena and surrounding real estate for this clown. Go ahead and deal Kidd at this point. To keep him would be unfair, and I don't think Kidd will stand for it.

    If the NBA lets this ownership change happen, then why do they even go through the charade of "approving" ownership. You can't just let a guy come in and trade away 40% of the starting lineup without getting any actual players in return? This is especially true when you KNOW the owner is looking to 2008 (due to his own personal agenda) and not this year.

    It's a disgrace.

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    I would guess the mavs would be a logical place to start if you're shopping Kidd. Don't see what would be sent back, but the Nets can't settle for anything less then a Finley and Josh Howard, to start. Work around those guys to fit a deal into the cap.


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