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Thread: Shaq Vs Kobe

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    Kobe vs. Shaq set for Dec. 25

    August 2, 2004
    NEW YORK (AP) -- The NBA is giving Kobe, Shaq and the fans quite a present.

    The former Los Angeles Lakers teammates will face each other for the first time as opponents Dec. 25, when O'Neal's Miami Heat face Bryant's Lakers at Staples Center.

    The matchup between Bryant and O'Neal will be televised by ABC and is the highlight of the league's schedule, which was released Monday. They teamed to win three NBA championships for the Lakers but parted on contentious terms when O'Neal was dealt to the Heat in a blockbuster trade following a loss to Detroit in the NBA Finals.

    Can you root for neither team to win-that is my take of this match up.

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    You know Kobe will hog the rock for the Lakers, and take as many shots as he needs to get 50 points. But Shaq will prevail in the end, and the heat will win. Shaq will get his 30+, along with 18 boards and 5 blocks.

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    Kobe can score 70 points and heat will still win

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    Originally posted by Icer@Aug 3 2004, 08:53 AM
    Kobe can score 70 points and heat will still win
    Agreed. But he will go off and score big, then tell the media that he is the leader, the better player, etc. But his team still lost because he has no one to help him.

    He could use a guy who's big, clogs the middle, dominates a game, etc. Sort of a guy like ....Shaq.


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