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Thread: My madden 2005 review

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    I got the game a couple hours ago and played 2 games online already. I won both of them, but by less than a td in both. This game is very hard indeed. I used the Eagles and Owens aint $&*%. You cant throw the ball up to him and expect him to come down with it. The new strip ball feature is "KEY" in this game, I use it ALOT and it really works well..hehe.

    Playing on the defensive line is very fun in this game. You dont just stick to the Offensive lineman, you get away pretty quickly and if the qb has the ball for more than 3-5 seconds, he is a dead man.

    This game plays alot like NCAA, it has this momentum thing, you cant just cut back. Also, the Juke by using R1 and L1 does nothing 99% of the time, the D will just slam your behind. The same with the spin move, it works hardly ever. The only thing that does work is the stiff arm, it comes in handy alot.

    They use 4 minute quaters, not 5 so milking the clock is an essential part of the game and must be utilized. You MUST have a running game to win in 05, passing is used sparingly or you will pay the price.

    Pennington is amazingly accurate in this game, and with 3 good recievers and 2 average catching TE's, Pennington could be very lethal when used correctly. I played this guy who was 5-3 and used the Pats, and I beat him by 6.

    The soundtrack is garbage, I wont go too much into this.

    My advice to you guys is to use a team with a good defense and a good RB. BAsically I will most likley use the Panthers or Ravens the majority of the time.

    The whole 'total control defense' is a good thing to have, but you dont have enough time to use it when people are hiking the ball so quickly. There is no time to give each player a different assignment when you have about 6 seconds to do it, unless your exremely quick...and that will take some time.

    Its a good game and a strategy type game, not much button pushing at all. Its a very different feel, you will have to take some time to really get used to it, its fun though and the new animations are awsome.

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    nice post Vinny thnx for the insight I just got back from picking it up and I'm tryin g to decide to start against the PC or go online

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    The coolest thing about the game so far is the added feature of a heart beating if your trying to kick a gaem winning field goal. I t actually gave me a win because it caught my opponent off guard, he told me his controller was actually virbrating must be like SOCOM when you snipe. he kick was in slow motion, we were cracking up like crazy. The hit stick is a nother awesome feature especially if you time it right................can you say fumble

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    Ok Guys I finally got the game last night. My bro (LLB) got me the Madden 2005 Collector's edition. I played one practice situation against the Ravens...they were ahead 6-0 in Baltimore with 2 mins in the 4th qtr....I drove down the field using a mix of run and pass...YOU MUST RUN THE BALL TO WIN...I ended up scoring with :20 on the clock and held their O.

    SO I decided you know what...lemme jump online and see who is on. Well, I saw my buddy Terry Badway online so we play each other. Man for three qtrs it was a huge defensive battle.

    Point 1 - Defense Matters - The defense AI is so revved up in this game that you have to be very precise with your passes or they will get picked off. I love that. I always prided myself in playing good defense. The adjustments allowed for lineman and LB's are great...I love put a LB in space and have him play a middle zone or have a d-lineman crash against the run. The D is awesome.

    So TB draws first blood on a long Santana Moss pass as he slips behind my vaunted d for a score. I decided to take a little more risks in the offense and started mixing in a short passing attack with some seam passes and fades. Well, I get to his 20 yd line and kick a the end of the half.

    3rd qtr...

    I get the ball and drive to his 43 but I am too far out so i punt it to him and pin him to his 5 yard line. He tries a run and gets stuffed, he tries a short pass and it gets batted down...then he tries a 11 yd hitch and gets sacked in the endzone for a safety. 7-5.

    Second Point - The crowd is a huge part of the game. If you do bad you get booed...i was not ready for that at all (we were playing in Carolina).

    So i get the ball and drive down the field and kick and MISS the field goal...damn

    So he gets the ball back at his 30 and gets sacked to his 22 yd line. Then TB throws a pick and i get the ball at his 24. I move it like 3 yards and kick a field goal 8-7. The crowd gets amped and you can feel the momentum shift.

    I kick it off to him and he lets it sail out of the endzone. He gets the ball at the twenty and after a minimal gain, he goes for a passing play and he throws while going backwards and he is picked off.

    Third Point - EA is on point by rewarding when you step into the pocket to throw and penalizing you when you throw while going backwards.

    So I get the ball and on a 1 and ten from his 24, I rumble 24 yards on a blast for a TD. 15-7.

    There is 1:43 ticks on the clock as i kick off to him...

    He lets it go and gets the ball at his 20 yd line...under some pressure he throws a pick at the 32. Madden has done a great job with defensive AI as the CB's no longer wait for the ball..they go up and get it.

    I rumble on a HB dive for a score but I miss the xtra point 21-7.

    TB takes one last shot and is picked again. I walk the clock down.

    Observations: Precision passing exists but you'd better make sure you arent throwing in double coverage because it will get picked. Also, the Hit stick is deadly. I took out CP and Moss with Hit Stick tackles...both players were out for a majority of the game.

    The defensive adjustments are huge in this game..the problem is that you had better be quick with what you want to do or else you will get caught in mid adjustment as the ball is snapped.

    You have to run the ball, if you dont run the ball the defense will just tee off on you.

    Passing is much more realistic. You have to read the defense so much will have 3-5 secs in the pocket before it collapses....i have gotten sacked a few times by TB....and it wasnt pretty..he knocked my qb out for three series...

    Overall, I think this madden game is head and shoulders above last years and I am looking forward to playing everyone...


    P.S. LLB thanks man...great b-day gift


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