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    Tell me when your around to play I want to get some online practice in and I want to get a feel for the game online. Im around all the time so whenever is cool for you im ready.

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    I can play right now....just get back at me, or I will see you online this afternoon. You accepted your friends invite so we can find each other....what team will you use??

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    Vinny havent been around till now Ill be around for a game later. Dont know what team I will use probably the Jets since they are the only team I have used so far.

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    Vinny great game man. When I finally think I am going to pull the game out Crumpler breaks a tackle and runs a good 50 yards down to the 10. After I held you in check all game. But I will definetly play you again and get the better of you. But both of our Ds were dominant in this one. Great Game! 7-0


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