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Thread: Midnight Miracle Highlights

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    From the 2000 MNF thriller vs. Miami... just thought I'd give y'all a heads-up.

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    when will it be on agian??

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    damn! I missed it! when is it gonna be on again?

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    Awesome!!! I was at the game and stayed til the end. It was great to re-live it watching this show. They had Jason Taylor miked up. He's like "We got 'em", then he's like "we gotta make a play", then he's like "I don't believe this".


    I completely forgot that Coleman had 2 ints in overtime, but fumbled the first one back to the phins.

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    Does anybody know if theNFL CHANNEL SITE has a feature where you can type in your team J-E-T-S- JETS-JETS- JETS & it will give you a sced. of shows & times relateing to that team for the week so you can print them out.. , it would be a great idea and if they don`t have it someone should suggest it and get them on it when will this be on again!!!


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