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Thread: Stop the Presses!!

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    Though it's very early the initial prognosis for the Jet Defense is encouraging to say the least. It is readily apparent the Linebacking Corp has under gone major renovations and has shown dramatic improvement. It may well go from the weakest unit on defense in 2003 to the strongest and deepest unit in 2004. If Marcin can bring out and exploit the talent on the D-Line the front 7 could rank with the best in the NFL. Now imagine what the the entire Defense will be like this when you factor in the contributions of Coleman, Strait and Barrett in the secondary !

    I love the preseason ! B)

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    Originally posted by chops44@Aug 15 2004, 12:10 PM
    i have a solution to the vilma/barton situation:

    bench cowart.


    (nice avatar)


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