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Thread: McCareins was the Best 2ndRound "Pick"

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    Trading our #2 for JM was probably the best thing the Jets have done with a second round pick since the drafting of Dennis Byrd. Here is the list of stellar second rounders since 1990:

    1990-Regie Rembert
    1991-Browning Nagle
    1992-Kurt Barber
    1993-Coleman Rudolph
    1994-Ryan Yarborough
    1995-Matt O'dwyer
    1996-Dick (Alex) Van Dyke
    1997-Rick Terry
    1998-Dorian Boose
    1999-Randy Thomas
    2000-Traded to SF
    2001-Lamont Jordan
    2002-John McGraw
    2003-Victor Hobson
    2004-Traded to Tenn for MaCariens

    I would say to those TB bashers that the only players worth anything were brought here by this regime, except Randy Thomas. The rest are nothing but wasted draft picks. There is not one single player on this list, Jordan included, that will turn out better than JM.

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    i have to say the 4 before JMac are impressive

    Randy Thomas - can easily be a pro-bowler
    Jordan - you never know what he will become on or off our team
    McGraw - the worst of the 4, but still a solid starter
    Hobson - Watch this guy rip it up . . . he was impressive as a rookie

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    I agree with "Chad", Thomas, Jordan & Hobson are all winners as picks, at least to-date.

    Thomas is a stud Olineman, Jordan has tons of potential (even if we are wasting it) and Hobson played VERY well as a rookie and looks to be paired with Vilma for some time as Jets LB's (maybe the new Lewis & Jones, eh?)

    McGraw was a solid pick too, although he isn't equal to JMac. Few Safties would be of course.

    Lets let JMac play a few games before we annoucne him the best 2nd rounder in jets history, eh? LOL!


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