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Thread: Derrick Ward

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    official website has him listed as FB. everyone in the organization seems high on Reese and I haven't heard a positive word this year about they see Ward as the 3rd HB/backup FB as it sounds like this board hopes? or is it nothing more than a typo? thoughts?

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    :ph34r: He's a HB

    He looks like Jordan but I think he's a little faster.

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    too short to play FB.

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    Actually I think he has the size to play fullback ( at 225) but I believe there were two factors that put him at fullback. First the extensive number of HB's on the roster, and Derrick was strictly a runner in college, playing fullback would help him develop the other parts of his game. Therefore I believe the Jets looked at this 7th round pick as a developmental project. Certainly he got more reps at third string fullback, then he would at tailback.
    The guy showed some pass receiving skills at the blue-gray game. Works on receiving and blocking to become a complete back.

    He needs to be on the field, but these high ankle sprains can be serious and take a long time to heal.

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    I think he has the size and ability to do both, if he gets his ass back on the field. high ankle sprain or no, if he doesn't get back on the field he isn't going to make the team..........


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