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Thread: Buon Giorno! What the hell happened

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    become a stud all of a sudden?

    I've complained about this before, but it always seemed so petty.

    But now it appears that this guy may actually take up a spot on our roster, and I hate to think at who's expense.

    If he makes this squad, my head will explode.

    The guy is nothing more than a straight ahead, put your head down and plow for 2-3 yards type of back.

    What has this guy done to warrant getting nearly all of the preseason rushes this year ON TOP of getting ALL of the carries LAST year for about a 3 yard average.

    It drives me NUTS! He is NOT that good and we should be trying to find out whether there are any other feature type backs on this roster.

    He has NO upside.

    Now I understand Cumar will get the boatload of carries and Lamont hopefully the rest, but I don't want to see this guy get ONE more carry.

    I can't believe Ward is hurt, I'd love to see whether he can run in this league.

    I know I've been gone for a few weeks and I've missed all the practices, but based on what I saw last year, I can't have this guy take a spot on this roster.

    If we try to sneak Ward onto the PS because we kept Reese, and Ward gets snatched, I'll be seriously P.O.ed.

    NO other team in the league is giving Reese a shot, why do we keep throwing this guy out there?

    Sorry, had to rant.

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    It's ok :lol:

    It was one preseason game, and with the injuries and all, Reese was the natural candidate to get the lions share of the carries. I think the coaching staff knows what Curtis can do, and Lamont got penalized for going home for personal reasons. Ward is hurt, so Reese was the guy. I thought he looked pretty decent the other night.

    If Ward wasnt hurt, I dont think there'd be as much talk about Reese right now, although maybe there would be. All we can hope is that Ward heals up and shows some real competition for that 5th running back spot.

    Overall, Im in agreement that I want to see that 5th spot be a guy with some upside that can also contribute on special teams.

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    It's just that I got back from vacation on Saturday and all I've seen are these glowing articles on Reese, and they are scaring me.

    It's as if Herm would be perfectly content to throw a guy out there for 25 carries a game to gain 65 yards, "but hey, he didn't turn the ball over and he ran hard".

    And it's not as if he's Jerome Bettis where he'll wear down a team and in the 4th quarter, blow a team away.

    Reese is the definition of a JAG.

    Out of that powerhouse Columbia, no less.



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