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Thread: Passing on Jamal Lewis

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    I am in a big stakes league with friends. I only join 1 league all season. I concentrate on this league alone. I don't have enough time to focus on two or three leagues at once.

    I am in a 50/50 yardage/touchdown league. Our draft is coming up soon. I am just giving you guys the background on this.

    I pick in the middle of the round and RB as usual, is an extremely important position. If Jamal Lewis is on the board when I draft. I will pass.

    Forget about the fact that Jamal has the feds breathing down his neck and looking for a conviction. Even if Jamal Lewis survives and gets acquitted. He has 3 bye weeks this year. The difference between making the playoffs and not making the playoffs could be a game or two.

    That's why, I'll pass on Jamal Lewis. I'll take Shaun Alexander, Edgerrin James or Deuce McAlister over him. Jamal has 3 bye weeks this year. As great as he is, If he plays only 13 games, His production will not be the same as last year and there's a chance that Jamal might go to jail.

    So if you are picking late in your first round and your RB choices are Jamal Lewis, Travis Henry and Fred Taylor,. Take Jamal, You can afford to take the risk because the reward is so huge but if Deuce, Shaun and Edge are on the board. I suggest you pass.

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    That is exactly how I rate JaLewis. Between Edge & Fred Taylor. I would probably take Randy Moss, if available, before him as well.

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    No way he goes to trial in November. They just added a charge. There is no way his defense team should go to trial on a new charge with only 3 months notice.

    The Judge would be hard pressed to find a reason to deny a motion to continue.

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    I agree YJF, he is too risky. Someone else will pick him and probably kick my ass with him all year. I would pick Edge in front of him and Rudi Johnson, but I would pick him before Fred Taylor or Marshall Faulk (injuries).

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    Last time I checked court is not held on Sundays. How many games did Kobe Byant miss?? and his games were played during the week.


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