Just poking around this fine Saturday afternoon, I stumbled upon another article talking about how US tanks and warplanes once again bombed Fallujah, killing more innocents and prolonging an already preposterously bad situation. While we are all worried here about the upcoming Jets & NFL season, there are still thousands of US troops stuck in that hell hole with no apparent end in sight, and no definate return home in sight either.

I just sat and wondered;

Where does it all end?
How will it all end?
most importantly
When will it all end?

Humankind has repeatedly shown it's cleverness and ingenuity by sending probes to the planets, rovers to Mars, men to the moon. Cripes, we even have almost figured out how the Universe came to be, and how we came to be. When will the day come that Humankind use their incredible gift of thought for something more constructive than killing each other?

We are spending billions to continuously bombard an already dead Country. We have it's dictator in custody, what else are we doing there? Take the damed oil and END IT NOW.

JMO of course....