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Thread: Kerry sisters booed at mtv awards

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    I didn't see it live.

    I know the Bush daughters came on after them on tape. Does anyone know what reaction they got?

    Kerry sisters booed at MTV Awards

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    They all got booed.

    Not a big surprse in FLA.

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    Viewers Accuse MTV of Editing Boos Toward Kerry Daughters at Video Awards

    A follow-up to Sunday night's article on John Kerry's Daughters recieving boos from the MTV Video Music Award crowd.
    After seeing the show broadcast live, then watching the re-broadcast of the show, many are cryin gfoul as it seems that MTV has dubbed over, or edited out many of the boos the daughters recieved.

    Not only that, but now CNN is trying to report that the boos were meant for both the Kerry AND Bush daughters. While the Bush daughters may have recieved boos, viewers could not hear them due to the fact that their appearance was made via satelite.

    CNN said that some audience members gave a "standing ovation"... which is odd considering the fact that most of the individuals were standing throughout the entire program... they had to... they were standing room only seats...

    Many are trying to use this event to claim that individuals at the event thought that when the Kerry daughters were announced, the Bush daughters were going to come out.

    If so, the audience is not only dumb and deaf, but blind as well.


    And who owns MTV?????.....Viacom!


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