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Thread: I am a Nazi.

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    Yes, it's true.
    You see, this afternoon, I was downtown, doing a bit of shopping (ie picking up that The Bad Guys Won book for my dad, a mental Mets fan) and I was in the Virgin shop on the corner of Union Square, where all the RNC protestors were gathered. No worries, I thought, as I decided to nip over a couple of streets and head up to Barnes and Noble. I hadn't realised there was yet another parade going on. So after about 2 minutes waiting, I realised I was never going to get across the street, so, shaking my head at realiseing I should have considered this was likely to happen, I turned to walk away.
    At whch point I was accosted by some little prick, who wanted to know why I was shaking my head. Before I could answer, he started giving me abuse, calling me a Bush loving scumbag, and then, when he noticed my shirt (Panzer Division Marduk) he took great delight in calling me a Nazi. Alas, when I tried to make any further point, he simply kept saying Nazi over and over again. Only when he realised his friends were leaving him behind, did he decide to piss off back into the parade.

    Such lovely people, eh?
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    I've had similar experiences with Kerry supporters.

    Rule number #1: Don't attempt to discuss the issues rationally and don't use logic. Logic, especially, offends them. They think that you are making fun of their lack of intelligence and they may become violent.

    Just the other day, I made the mistake of telling two Dominican hens I was voting for Bush. They verbally attacked me and went into an astounding harangue about how "president bush is hurting poor people" and "why are they here? NYC is a democrat town!"

    I told them that "Mayor Bloomberg invited them" and I also told them that, "Personally, I blame the Queen of England for all my problems" at which point they switched to spanish, and laughing the laugh of bedlam.

    I moved away slowly. :lol:

    DNC Motto: If you can't beat the republicans in an election, just beat them up.

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    On a similar note, the NY Post is reporting that a cop was beaten up pretty badly last night by people at the "Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign" protest.

    Boy, THAT really helped their cause!


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