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Thread: Does Tom Daschle see the writing on the wall?

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    How bad has it gotten for Democrats at summer's end: A paid TV advertisement from Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle, President Bush's top congressional foe, features the South Dakotan hugging and embracing President Bush!

    While Democrat party officials of all stripes decend on New York City to blast the president, Daschle has quietly purchased air time in his home state for the minute-long campaign commerical -- a commerical insiders have dubbed: "Bush Hug."

    Daschle faces a tough campaign against South Dakota Republican challanger John Thune.

    "This is delightful!" laughed one republican official in New York on Monday morning. "Senator Daschle now concedes supporting the president can score him votes in the fall!"

    Transcript of the controverisal ad:

    [b]Sen. Tom Daschle: [/b]Tonight, the President has called us again to greatness, and tonight we answer that call.

    Male Voice: In our country's hour of need, Tom Daschle made us proud.

    [b]Sen. Richard Durbin:[/b] Tom Daschle called us together and said, 'we have to keep this nation safe and secure.' I thought that was one of his finest moments. He really said in those moments what all of us felt, that before we are Democrats, before we are Republicans, we're Americans.

    [b]Sen. Carl Levin:[/b] Tom Daschle has a great inner strength and toughness, which is why Tom is such a great leader.

    [b]Male Voice:[/b] Senator Daschle helped forge a consensus to rebuild our military.

    [b]Headline: [/b]Daschle: Time to Unite Behind Troops, Bush

    [b]On Screen:[/b] Daschle and President Bush hug on House floor.


    Male Voice: Tom won significant increases in homeland security and helped provide law enforcement new tools to track down terrorists.

    Headline: Daschle, mayors pitch homeland security

    Headline: Daschle Calls For More Body Armor For S.D. Soldiers in Iraq

    Male Voice: And no one has done more to get our troops the equipment they need or ensure our veterans are taken care of when they return home.

    Headline: Sen. Daschle receives 'Unsung Hero' award from American Legion

    Daschle: I&#39;m Tom Daschle and I approve this ad, because a strong military and a strong America is the best way to fight terrorism. <_<


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    Its quite petty to pick on someone for an issue you both agree on. Wow he stands up for what he believes, what a shame.

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    [quote][i]Originally posted by ShadeTree#55[/i]@Aug 31 2004, 09:19 AM
    [b] Its quite petty to pick on someone for an issue you both agree on. Wow he stands up for what he believes, what a shame. [/b][/quote]
    So...let&#39;s bash the President, tell everyone how horrible he is yet associate ourselves with him for campaign leverage? Are you serious??

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    So you can&#39;t "bash" Bush and still be in favor of a strong military and the war on Terror and the war in Iraq?

    So its alright for one side to use the unity and no-paritisonship of post 9/11 and not the other?

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    We are not talking about sides here...we are talking of one politician, Tom Daschle, who constantly berates the President of the United States and is now using him as a positive image in a political ad....

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    This can be taken in two ways: 1) Daschle is cozying up to the the president for political purposes 2) Jorge Bush has now moved so far to the left, that an obvious lefty like Daschle feels comfortable with his political leanings.

    Now, I&#39;ve been following this Daschle/Thune race for a while. So far, it looks pretty bleak for Daschle, as the feeling in his state is he&#39;s just moved to far to the left. Folks in S.Dakota feel he&#39;s acting like a Boston Democrat, not representitive of South Dakota.

    The 2 issues that Daschle is getting bludgeoned on appear to be illegal immigrant amnesty ("my pet peeve" according to Weeb) and gay marriages.

    Over [b][i]illegal immigration[/i][/b], he&#39;s on the ropes. Much in the same way lame ass Republican Chris Cannon of Utah was in the state primary. Both claim they are staunchly AGAINST amnesty for these common criminals, but then propose amnesties "cloaked as guest worker schemes" :blink:

    Matter of fact, some immigration reform groups have been running ads in Daschel&#39;s state for a while, exposing his obvious lies. Instead of facing up to the people that want no amnesty for criminals, "sissy man" Daschle has tried to hide behind the skirts of lawyers and is trying to get the ads pulled...........What a dickhead :rolleyes:

    [b][i]Gay marriages[/i][/b]: Daschle&#39;s full fledged support of gay marriages has gone over like a "lead balloon" in the state....I&#39;ve read where people in S.D can&#39;t even begin to believe why Daschle would embrace such a stance in a state like S.Dakota.....Does he think he&#39;s Gavin Newsome who represents San Fransisco? :wacko:

    Based on Thune&#39;s record in congress, he&#39;ll be a fine Senator. However, if he starts hanging with Bush and his cabal of neo-cons with a libertarian domestic agenda, he&#39;ll be useless to 90 percent of the GOP in short order.

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    Isn&#39;t Bush the Commander In Chief?
    So it is a pro Military ad using an image of the Militarys highest ranking offical.


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