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Thread: President Bush Admits War on Terror Cannot be Won

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    I don't have the quoate available (it was played a number of times on Morning Right-Wing radio), but this gist is this:

    The President was aksed if the US can win the War on Terror:

    Bush replaied that No, we cannot win the War on Terror, but that we can make the changes needed around the world to ensure that nations no longer make terrorism an acceptable or permitted choice.

    Basically, his statement implied the war on the thoery of terror is unwinable, as there will always be nutbars, religious wackos and the like ready to blow themselves (and others) up over their beliefs, but that the U.S. can and should impliment geopolitical change everywhere in the world that currently either supports or accepts terrorism.

    Of course, John Edwards immediately came out and said HE thought the U.S. could and would win out in the war on terror.

    And rather than clarify his statement, the Prisident later came out and made a statement saying he fully belived that we can and will win the War on Terror.

    If the actual original quote is made available on the news sites I frequent (Fox and CNN) I will post it here.

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    It's an unfortunate phrasing, but he is essentially saying what lefties have long contended - namely that we'll never "eliminate" or "end" terrorism. It's a gaffe, and the Dems siezed upon it. Politics 101.

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    [quote][i]Originally posted by jets5ever[/i]@Aug 31 2004, 01:05 PM
    [b] It's an unfortunate phrasing, but he is essentially saying what lefties have long contended - namely that we'll never "eliminate" or "end" terrorism. It's a gaffe, and the Dems siezed upon it. Politics 101. [/b][/quote]
    I disagree, I think MR. Bush was actually making a very intelligent statement, using nuance, something he isn't exactly known for. While I may take issue with what his statement implies (that the U.S. is free to lauch pre-emptive war for regime change whenever and wherever we feel potential terrorists reside), the way it was said was quite intelligent. I agree 100% that the "theory" behind Terrorism will never die. There will always be some group of people or individual nutbars, who feel terrorism is their best or only viable option to fight their enemies. But by instituting change in the nation states that support such viewpoints, terrorism can be severely minimized, if not fully eliminated.

    Of course the Dems jumped on it. That is politics. Reverse the situation and the results would be exactly the same.

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    Once again the liberal media at work at it's's a link to the story:

    [url=][/url] and what he said exactly was:

    [quote][b]When asked "Can we win?" the war on terror, Bush said, "I don't think you can win it. But I think you can create conditions so that the -- those who use terror as a tool are -- less acceptable in parts of the world."[/b][/quote]

    and everyone ran with it presenting it as the President giving in to their theory I guess we have not won the war against communism since it still exsists in the world...ditto for Nazism, which still exsists.

    Of course this story headlined [b]"Protesters gather for second peaceful day" [/b]sums it all up for the liberal press.


    I'm still trying to find out how Sunday's march was "peaceful" with fires set on 7th Avenue, bottles thrown at police and attempts to trip up the mounties....

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    Only the stupid would fall for the Edwards nonesense. As Fish correctly noted, if you listened to what Bush said it is obviously true. You can never elliminate the threat of some wacko blowing thenself up. You can eventually virtually elliminate all state sponsored terrorism including funding etc..

    Edwards thinks he can elliminate the threat of terror completely. Only morons like section would believe that nonesense.

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    How can you "WIN" the War on Terror?

    There are no documents to be signed ending this war like previous ones. Terrorism is not a nation, it's a movement.

    Edwards is a complete joke. What's your plan Johnny, to ask the french to help you out? Will you sick your trial lawyer friends on them?

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    It wasn't a gaffe, Bush meant what he said. It's just that the Liberal media (as usual) went out of their way to take what he said out of context. As has been mentioned more times than I care to recall, Bush has said this is an unconventional war. As such, there will be no peace treaties, there will be no mass surrenders, there will be no televised "We Won" announcments.

    We will know the war is over when we can turn on CNN or Fox News or MSNBC, or whatever the hell else news source you watch, and not have to read any of those retarded dramatic headers like 'Terror Watch' or 'The War on Terror'. When the radical Islamist are too busy earning a living to support their families, to carry out suicide bombings. When the last despotic regime is overthrown in the Middle East. And we no longer have to worry about whether we should head into the city when faced with a terror alert at high level - not that any of us do that anyway.

    I'm tired of listening to Bush be forced to retreat back to his talking points, because of fear of what such an innocent comment like the one he made yesterday can bring about. Aren't you tired of being talked to like a child? Can't you hear the truth for what it is, without trying to spin it in a negative light? This politics of self-destruction has really got to stop. We are all Americans, we are not enemies. We should not politicize such an important issue.

    You either want the President of the United States to be frank and upfront with you or you don't, but you can't have both.

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    The President did say we "have to win the war on terror" and in principle he is correct yet in applied theory it will never happen as there will also be some crazy ass muslim today, tomorrow or ten years from now willing to strap a bomb to his back and kill people.

    That's the difference.

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    It was great to hear Dem's try to distinguish Kerry from Bush on the news last night. When asked what Kerry would have done differently it's allways the same weak ass answer..."Kerry would have tried to build an international coalition.. He would have planned better.. nuances..."

    Yea the French would have really joined Jean Francois.. Sure. As if GWB didn't de everything possible to get them with us. Theese morons don't understand that the Liberal appeasment regimes in Europe are part of the problem. They want us to defer on decisions of national security to the French. Its a joke.

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    You cannot defeat an idealogy. And that's exactly what terrorism is. You can hack away at the systemic inequities that help to create it. but you can never fully defeat it. Because terrorism is in the mind. It's a concept of bringing terror to another human being. And as we all know, as long as humans exist, so to will the terrorist acts they are able to commit.

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    This is one thing I agree with you guys on. I didn't find anything wrong with what Bush said. What Edwards said was quite stupid. I was watching foxnews last night and even they were questioning if Bush had made a mistake saying we couldn't win the war on terror.

    What I don't agree with Bush on is his methods of fighting the war on terror.

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    [quote][i]Originally posted by Section109Row15[/i]@Aug 31 2004, 01:46 PM
    [b] This is one thing I agree with you guys on. [/b][/quote]
    [b] outside.....[SIZE=4]money is falling from the sky!!![/SIZE][/b]


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