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Thread: My fantasy team..I worked a trade for the 1 pick.

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    I traded the 3rd pick for the first pick..Here is how the trade wroked.
    I picked 1, 22,46,48,49. The peson I traded with picked 3,24,25,27.

    I really loved Priest Holmes and feel he is clearly the beat back. By keeping the 2nd pick from the thr rhird I whole I was guarnteeing myself Holmes and a top twenty two player. I also figured 25-50 is the same player. Here is my draft.

    12 teams
    3 wr
    1 te

    priest Holmes rb 1
    chad Johnson wr 22
    chis brwon rb 46
    Chad pennigton QB 48
    Koren robinson wr 49
    Kellen winslow te
    Philly def
    david givens wr
    donald driver wr
    donte hall wr
    tryone wheatly rb
    moe williams rb
    c baker te
    jon hall k

    the person I traded with made his first four picks as follow
    rb ahman green 3
    we hines ward 24
    wr steven davis 25
    qb trent green 27

    How did I do and who would you start as third reciver this week??
    givens, driver or Donte Hall???


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    Dude in just answred this thread in the FF section,why start 2?

    we will get to it,have some patience


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