I have 4 RBs in my one league, and it's one of those leagues where you take your best performers each week...

My 4 backs are ...

C. Martin with 2 TDs and almost 200 yds.
T. Jones with 2 TDs and almost 70 yards
Q. Griffin with 3 TDs and 150+ yards.
and P. Holmes with 3 TDs and 150+ yards

Todd Heap--bupkiss
Jerammy Stevens--bupkiss
Trent Green--bupbiss
David Carr--bupkiss
Hines Ward--bupkiss
Keyshawn Johnson--bupkiss
Brandon Lloyd--bupkiss
Jerry Porter--bupkiss
David Akers--bupkiss
Seattle D/ST--bupkiss
New Orleans D/ST--bupkiss


That's 10 TDs and 570+ yards in one week from my RBs and I'm probably going to lose anyway unless Green Bay's bus crashes on the way to tonight's game.

Plus, because I lost to the only team this week that could have beat me, with tie-breakers, I wind up with only the 5th best free agent selection.

F**k You Fantasy Football gods!!!...you bastards!!