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Thread: Kidd for Shareef deal in discussion

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    he New Jersey Nets are talking to the Portland Trail Blazers about a trade that would include sending Jason Kidd to the Blazers for forward Shareef Abdur-Rahim, has learned.
    What are your thoughts NJ Net fans? Kidd will be out a month, and Shareef has expiring deal.

    I sure as hell wouldnt like it if I was a Net fan

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    Kidd is the only reason to watch the Nets. Sharref what ever the hell his name is is a jackass. If they do this, it's clear all Ratner cares about is money and Brooklyn. Rod Thorn would probably leave the day after.

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    This would complete the breakup of the Nets. If this deal goes down, and Travis Best becomes the point guard, the Nets are back to a 50 loss team, and out of the playoffs.

    Jefferson must be kicking himself for agreeing to the extension.

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    I've already decided I'm done with the Nets. Dealing Kidd is just gravy at this point. Actually, I'd like to see him dealt to a contender so he can win one. The Nets really screwed him by signing him with the promise of improving the team and then dismantling it with a new owner.

    Ratner is a complete joke; Can't for the life of me figure out why he was approved to buy the team.

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    Oh well, hello mediocrity. It was a nice run while it lasted. Shame because we were getting closer. Now I can see why this Ratner is hated by everyone. I'll still try and make it to Brooklyn for a game now and then.


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