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Thread: 9:30am quick critique of Bush foreign policy

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    Bush's hope for middle east peace plan caled "road map", has been officially abandoned by Sharon this morning..

    Bush's hope that Iraq would be a democracy that would spread in the Middle East is = to that hope I have when I buy a lottery ticket...The US is LOSING Iraq..So much so that We now have Former baath officers trying to fight the insurgency..The US is also letting the KUrds operate in the North...And there is now talk of lettinq the radical shiites rule their own territory! The USW would sill be fighting in Najaf if not for the help of an ayatollah who favors an islamic government..

    IRAQ is a disaster...It is more of a threat to the US now than it was before we got there...The fact that the Bush admin planned for the War and NOT for the aftermath is unforgivable...Saddam in power with no weapons is a LOT better than the situation now...

    For these failures alone YOU MUST vote against Bush..

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    31,408 convinced me! :lol:

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    Thanks...I knew it was only a matter of time..


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