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Thread: Onterrio Smith or Chris Brown in Week 2

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    My backs are Edgerrin James, Chris Brown, Lee Suggs and Onterrio Smith.

    I picked up Smith because of the injuries to Brown and Suggs. It looks like Brown is going to play vs The Colts.

    Onterrio has a good matchup against Philly monday night and he's the only option in the backfield with Moe Williams and Michael Bennett out.

    I am going to start James, even though he plays The Titans. We start 2 backs and I am in a high stakes league, Last week, I lost by 2 points, Brown's injury cost me.

    I am leaning towards starting Onterrio but I am not sold yet what would you guys do?

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    I'd go with Onterrio.

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    Tough call but the smith matchup is better for you....the Vikings have a better O-line and the Philly run D is soft.


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