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Thread: Republican poster boy in the closet?

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    Looks like the favorite neo-con on Fox News Network is going to be outed soon :lol:

    This clown, a former Democrat that went Republican to win in a upper class region of S. California, is totally worthless to the Republican cause. Any true conservitive should be estatic that he may "possibly" be sent packing after 24 years--found link below at

    If you needed a picture of a RINO (Republican in name only), this butt-plug or Chris Cannon of Utah would head the list in congress. McCain of Arizona would win, by a landslide, in the senate.

    It appears Drier has gotten the gays mad by voting against them at every turn. Like McGreevy, his "lover&#39; was allegedly a staff member <_<

    Homophobic Republicans Set Sights on Dreier

    Michael Rogers, the guy behind BlogActive, has now trained his fire on California Rep. David Dreier, CA-26. The Republican, who heads the powerful Rules Committee, is part of the GOP leadership team and "rising star" of the Republican Party. Er, was.

    Rogers recently outed Rep. Ed Schrock of VA, forcing his resignation. But while his efforts against Schrock were a lonely affair, he has plenty of backup in his efforts to out yet another hypocrit anti-gay gay Republican. Larry Flint is also on the case, and the Raw Story is following the story closely.

    Full article:

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    Very reputible source you linked to there huh??

    Let&#39;s see, the other links on the main page include: "The Payoffs in the Bush Air-Guard Fix", they claim Ralph Nader is a tool for the Republicans and states the Swift Boats Keep "Misfiring"....very credible....almost as good as See B.S.

    Maybe you should hang out with goober, er gobbles...he&#39;s posted a few very accurate stories from Capitol Bluee Balls, er Hill.

    Say what you want about Fox, and they are not my favorite, but numbers/ratings don&#39;t lie and they are kciking everyone&#39;s ass&#33;

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    Riggens as much as you bash Bush on illegal immigration according
    to the site you posted Kerry&#39;s alot worse???

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    I&#39;d say they are both pretty pathetic, although Bush may be the "lesser of 2 evils". Not saying much, however, considering Kerry is an almost outright communist :wacko:

    Recent polls show 82% of Republican&#39;s want to end this mess (illegal immigration); 76% of Democrats want this problem solved. Most Democrats I know (including those that post at JI), want no part of rewarding "illegal behavior".

    Also, polls show more Hispanic Americans want "less" immigration, than those that want "more". One of the reason&#39;s Prop.200 in Arizona is flying high, is because many Hispanic Americans in Arizona have supported tighter restrictions on illegal immigration, much to the chagrin of the MeCHA racists.

    Yet Bush and Kerry march on with this stupidity to placate big biz? If Kerry had any backbone, he could&#39;ve used this issue to bring in some Independents and conservitive Republicans fed up with Bush. Kerry is a fool, outright&#33;

    Bush is the weakest incumbent in years (perhaps since Carter), yet Kerry will likely lose. Good plan Kerry, keep acting like a radical leftist. That will really play in "middle America" or with "independents"

    This is a huge issue and more American are realizing this everday. Republican pansy&#39;s like David Drier are seeing their worlds crumble around their pathetic, lawless asses&#33;

    Even Time is busting Bush (10 online pages):

    Investor&#39;s Biz Daily is breaking ranks with their "country club pals" and slamming this American travesty:

    Those are 2 huge articles. Finally, major mainstream media is coming on board to denounce and expose this lawlessness B)


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