[quote][b][b]Democrat slugs area GOP chief, GPD says[/b]

Politics in Gainesville turned rough and tumble Thursday night when, police say, a social behavior sciences instructor - a Democrat - punched the chairman of the Alachua County Republican Executive Committee in the face.

David Philip McCally, 55, of Gainesville faces misdemeanor battery and criminal mischief charges after he was accused of hitting both committee chairman Travis Horn, 32, and a life-sized, cardboard cutout of President George Bush.

The incident occurred at the Republican headquarters in downtown Gainesville at about 7:30 p.m.

McCally went into the office at 1212 N. Main St. and hit the face of the Bush cutout, a police report states. Afterward he argued outside with Horn, police reported, then punched him in the face. Police said there was a fight and Horn struck McCally several times "but was not the primary aggressor and fought only in an attempt to escape from further conflict."

McCally is a part-time instructor in social and behavioral sciences at Santa Fe Community College who started in January, confirmed college spokesman Larry Keen. He will be "removed" from the classroom pending an administrative review on Monday, he said.

After hitting the cutout, Horn said McCally left the office where a Young Republicans meeting was taking place. When Horn went outside, he said McCally came up to him. "He proceeded to say how he had a Ph.D., and he was smarter than me. I'm a stupid Republican," and other comments laced with obscenities, he said.

Horn said he was hit and knocked into a wall.

His lips were cut and his nose injured.

"I then proceeded to defend myself," he said. "I used the minimum force necessary to subdue him."

The police report states Horn kicked McCally because McCally was holding on to Horn's legs.

Police happened to be pulling into the area at the time, Horn said. A police report states officers saw McCally throw what they later learned was the first punch.

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:lol: :lol: He's a social behavior sciences instructor?? Wow, what kind of class activities do they do in class? Looks like the 'rats are getting frantic!! :lol: :lol: