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Thread: John Kerry's 10 Point Peace Plan For Iraq

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    1. Start feeding American GI's croissants instead of MREs.

    2. Change personal grooming regulations for US forces to mandate that they wear soul patches or twisty moustaches.

    3. Drop leaflets from B1 Bombers that read (in Arabic) Can't we all just get along??

    4. Stop all operations immediately until all US forces have completed sensitivity? training.

    5. Demand immediate negotiations with Al Qaeda and Iraqi insurgents and offer to settle the whole thing over a game of lawn tennis.

    6. Immediately make all US service personnel members of the Teamsters Union and let them go on strike.

    7. Send in Jerry Lewis as a special negotiator.

    8. After Lewis gets kidnapped and beheaded on live Al Jazeera TV send in Marcel Marceau as a negotiator.

    9. After Marcel Marceau gets kidnapped and beheaded on live Al Jazeera TV send in Theresa Heinz Kerry as a negotiator.

    10. Hold congressional hearings and claim that American GIs are torturing Iraqi civilians and committing war crimes, wait for the country to be torn apart by internal strife (hey, it worked in 1970).

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    Look for Kerry to come on strong in new polls.

    He'll close the gap on Bush because Kerry is now stating the obvious that the war in Iraq is a disaster.

    Then, look for the polls to go back to where they were when it becomes obvious that Kerry has no idea how to solve the Iraq mess that he voted FOR. You can call it the Kerry hangover when it happens.

    "Democrats do a very good job at getting very bad Republicans elected President."

    Ralph Nader

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    the election will be decided during the debates...

    by the way..
    Bush's plan for Iraq..
    BRING EM ON...It'll be a cake walk..
    now keep that oil flowing

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    Originally posted by AlbanyJet@Sep 22 2004, 11:14 AM

    "Democrats do a very good job at getting very bad Republicans elected President."

    Ralph Nader
    Unfortunately, so does Ralph Nader

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