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Thread: John Kerry's favorite Red Sox player?

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    Manny Ortez

    Whatta transparent phony

    NOT EVEN ORTIZ!! ... O-R-T-I-Z

    NOT EVEN ORTIZ!! ... As in, Manny Ortiz

    At least that would prove the man made SOME EFFORT to conceal his own bull$hit

    Nope ... MANNY ORTEZ!! :blink:

    At least most pols are competent frauds ... they make some effort to educate themselves about their own bull$hit ... if for no other reason, so they don't come-off as a complete jackass when asked a question like this one

    I don't wanna turn this into a political thread ... this has no bearing on his politics ... it just offends me as a fan when some elitest jerkoff tries to insult my intelligence as he seeks to portray himself as a REGULAR GUY ... especially when he doesn't even bother to invest five minutes in his own bull$hit

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    The Bayou
    John Kerry is a fraud.

    He needs to get some credibility if he wants to win this election.

    I propose that he purchase the Texas Rangers.


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