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Thread: Props to Curt Schilling

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    I hate the Red Sox as much as I hate the Dolphins and Florida State Seminoles.

    Yesterday Schilling was listening to a local Chowd station and the announcer was saying thay Schilling and Pedro do not get along together. Schilliing called the station and tore the announcer an new A Hole! Saying this is how dangerour rumours start etc.

    Again I hate the Red Sox but it was refreshing that a player would come out and actually challenge the media when they say something idiotic which they do on a regular basis. It was also said that when Schilling was in Arizona he did the same thing.

    With that said I'll be looking forward to seeing my Yankees punk the Sox this weekend.

    Go Jets
    Go Gators
    Go Yankees

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    And people wonder why the players hate the media so much. <_<

    Schilling has always been one of those who besides being a great pitcher would also accomodate the media. (i.e. David Cone) and the fans and speak honestly and from the heart.

    If he says he and Pedro get along then I believe him.

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    didnt people say Schilling and Randy Johnson didnt get along well in Arizona?

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    didn&#39;t schilling call pedro a punk a year ago? I have no doubts about it, the 2 pitchers respect each other, but don&#39;t really like each other.


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