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Thread: Gotta love CBS

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    Apparently it was inapprpriate to report on WMD's, but it was appropriate to attack the president with forged documents. Gotta love 'em.

    [url=]Read it and laugh[/url]

    NEW YORK - CBS News has shelved a "60 Minutes" report on the rationale for war in Iraq (news - web sites) because it would be "inappropriate" to air it so close to the presidential election, the network said on Saturday.

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    The report on weapons of mass destruction was set to air on Sept. 8 but was put off in favor of a story on President Bush (news - web sites)'s National Guard service. The Guard story was discredited because it relied on documents impugning Bush's service that were apparently fake.

    CBS News spokeswoman Kelli Edwards would not elaborate on why the timing of the Iraq report was considered inappropriate.

    The report, with Ed Bradley as the correspondent, has long been in the works. Originally scheduled for June, it was first put off because of new developments, Edwards said.

    CBS said no other reports on the presidential election have been affected.

    The network last week appointed former U.S. Attorney General Dick Thornburgh and retired Associated Press chief executive Louis Boccardi to investigate what went wrong with the National Guard report and recommend changes.

    The controversy has put CBS News officials squarely on the fire line, particularly anchor Dan Rather, who narrated the National Guard report.

    Meanwhile, the network announced that Rather would anchor the network's coverage of all three presidential debates, starting Sept. 30.

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    September 29, 20042:30 p.m. Eastern

    Though Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry today blamed his infamous comment about his vote on an $87 billion war bill on it being "late in the evening," the remark in fact was made at a noontime appearance.

    In an interview this morning on ABC's "Good Morning America," Kerry was asked about the comment he made in March, when he said, "I actually did vote for the $87 billion before I voted against it." The remark has been used countless times by Bush supporters to ridicule Kerry and label him as a flip-flopper.

    Said Kerry on the program today: "No, it wasn't classic at all. It just was a very inarticulate way of saying something, and I had one of those inarticulate moments late in the evening when I was dead tired in the primaries and I didn't say something very clearly."

    Problem is, as the Republican National Committee pointed out, the comment about the bill, which provided funds for U.S. troops in Iraq, was actually made at a noontime appearance before a group of veterans at Marshall University in West Virginia.



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