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Thread: OT: A Funny Thing Happened On The Stoop

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    thanks again to the a**hole moderators for moving this topic to no-man's land. i do something cool and list it as OT and you guys still have to be dicks and move it a second time. this is worst than Pertuzzi or whoeevr from GangGreen. thanks alot fellas, my one claim to fame and you guys throw it in the trash. what, was this thread taking up too much bandwidth on the Landing Strip? if i ever see one of you moderators running away from the cops, i'll be sure to lay you out just like i did that delinquent runaway.

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    So you made a sloppy tackle and stole some punk&#39;s lunch and now he gets to live in a foster home. Good for you. Thanks for sharing. <_<

    PS, watch the stiff arm.


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