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    Dear friends, Please read this carefully, and sign the petition. Thank you with all my heart. Margo Schab

    Republicans in Ohio are scared.

    New Democratic voter registrations are up 250% in Ohio. Democrats throughout the "Buckeye State" are prepared to turn out in record numbers to demand change on November 2nd in federal, state and local elections.

    But first, Ohio Democrats need your help fighting the latest dirty tricks by the Ohio Secretary of State.

    With only 6 days left before the voter registration deadline, Secretary of State Ken Blackwell is trying to bar thousands of newly registered voters from the polls.

    Stop him today and help protect democracy in Ohio.

    Citing an arcane ruling requiring voter registration cards be printed on 80 pound paper stock, Blackwell is threatening to void registrations submitted on any other paper, demanding these registrants re-apply. But there is no time to reapply which could leave thousands of new voters off the rolls.

    Tens of thousands of Ohioans have registered online or with registration forms printed in newspapers, copied by friends, community activists, and even state offices. These are valid applications that must be processed immediately.

    Blackwell is also trying to impose strict rules on provisional ballots. In 2000, nearly 23,000 provisional ballots were cast in Cuyahoga County alone (the greater Cleveland area). Due to congressional redistricting after the 2000 census and the swell of first-time voters, confusion on Election Day will run high. Provisional ballots must be made available in accordance with the federal Help America Vote Act.

    Sign the petition to stop Ken Blackwell's latest dirty tricks.

    In 1964, President Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act granting every American citizen the right to vote. Blackwell himself has been quoted as saying "voting preserves the freedom that we Americans cherish."

    Don't sit back and let Ken Blackwell take us back to the days of selective voting rights. Sign the petition today.

    In June, we warned Blackwell that we were watching his close ties with Diebold, the leading manufacturer of flawed electronic voting machines. By July, with over 50,000 signatures on our petition, the use of these machines had been dramatically curtailed by local elections officials.

    This time the stakes are even higher.

    With your help, ACT has been on the ground fighting to register and mobilize voters throughout Ohio. As we race to the finish line the Republicans are running scared and resorting, yet again, to dirty tricks.

    Don't let Ken Blackwell become the Katherine Harris of 2004. Join our fight in Ohio.

    Sign the petition and pass it on to your friends today.

    With great appreciation,

    Steve Bouchard
    State Director
    ACT - Ohio

    P.S. There are millions of Americans living abroad who must have their voices heard in 2004. Remind your friends and family abroad to register for their absentee ballots before the deadline passes.

    Send them this link today - [url][/url]


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    "Democrats throughout the "Buckeye State" are prepared to turn out in record numbers to demand change on November 2nd in federal, state and local elections."

    This woman has the wrong state. Just a few weeks ago John Kerry told a crowd in Michigan he was happy to be in Buckeye country.

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    kerry is horrible!

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    Of course it&#39;s only Democrats who will be effected by these policies - like there aren&#39;t any Republicans who are in the same boat. <_<

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    Why the crap should I care what goes on in Ohio? I live in New York, for crap&#39;s sake.

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    because the election is coming to ohio, michigan, pa., and florida.

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    It&#39;s coming to New York, New Jersey, and the rest of the lower 48 states plus Hawaii and Alaska as well. Again, tell me how this Ohio business is relevant to me?


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