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    Congrats to the yanks on their 7th straight title. Impressive. I do like how Bernie had the hit as he is one of the few yanks that i can stomach. The difference between the yanks and Red Sox this year i feel has been the managers. Torre is simply heads above Francona and swung the few games that were needed to claim the title. I just hope that Tito has learned his lessons (keeping Pedro in too long, when to use a lefty from the bully, and not to throw BK out there). I still believe the Sox have the better team, but the yanks will be monsters again in the postseason.

    But how sweet is it that October is finally here? Some great baseball ahead and football season is in full swing. Great time to be a sports fan.

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    I wish I had 1 in a row, let alone 7. Congrats.

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    is that felix heredia in the 2nd picture?? I think so

    that guy has no reason to smile, he sucks and I cannot understand why torre trusts that guy

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    Tanyon Sturtze emerging as a late inning relief guy. Who would have thought??

    Yanks get a hugh lift if Brown is OK to go, but they will need El-Duque to be his normal self to win the WS.


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