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Thread: Oakland, Aneheim, Minnisota

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    I've decided to make this a thread instead of a poll

    which team looks like it's the best challenge to the Yanks/sox?

    Oakland has been falling lately but as long as they have that pitching staff, they're a tough team

    Aneheim's pitching is either garbage or overweight (colon), but they have Vlad and a very good offense

    and Minnisota has Santana obviously, but they dont have any other pitchers that can compete with the Yankees or Red Sox's offense (as proven earlier this week)

    can any of these teams keep the ALCS from being a rematch of last year??? Last week I recall saying Minnisota looked the most impressive, but after seeing the Yankees kill their non-Santana pitchers, I&#39;ve changed my mind somewhat <_<

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    Absolutely. In a short series anything can happen. Are the Sox and Yanks the two best teams on paper? Yep.

    But if another team gets hot or lucky in a game or two, that&#39;s all it takes.

    Personally I fear Minnesota most (and I&#39;m SO glad they&#39;re probably facing the Yanks). Santana is in "Pedro in 1999" mode right now. Rincon and Nathan form a VERY nice 1-2 close out punch. Good defense. Nice homefield advantage in the baggiedome.... not the greatest lineup, but they get by. In a 7 game series I think the teams overall weakness shows through, so I don&#39;t see them getting to the WS.... but in a 5 game series....

    In a 5 game series against NYY here&#39;s what it looks like from the Yankees perspective....

    Game 1-- Yankees are at home. But they have to face Johan "ERA under .60 in the last month" Santana. Ouch. And don&#39;t fool yourselves Yankee fans, your last game against Santana you enjoyed several advantages you won&#39;t have come playoff time.

    Game 2-- Yankees at home against Brad Radke. Definite edge for the Yanks, but Radke isn&#39;t chopped liver so the twins have a solid shot.

    Game 3-- Baggiedome. Yankees #3 SP

    Game 4-- Baggiedome. Yankees #4 SP (Vazquez).

    Game 5-- MFY stadium. Santana.

    NONE OF THOSE are easy wins. The Santana games are extremely, extremely tough wins.

    Do the Yanks still have the edge? Probably. They do have the better team.... but Minnesota scares the hell out of me because of Santana. I hope the Yanks draw the twinkies.

    For the Sox I&#39;d rather see the As than the Angels, but whatever happen happens.

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    if Aneheim and Oakland win one game against eachother, the Sox will probably face Minnisota

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    Originally posted by blackout806@Oct 1 2004, 07:27 PM
    if Aneheim and Oakland win one game against eachother, the Sox will probably face Minnisota
    Not at all true.

    Anaheim, Oakland, and Minnesota are all tied right now with 3 to play. Winner of the Oak/Ana series, by definition, has to win at least 2 games. Minnesota loses the tiebreaker to both, so the Twins HAVE to sweep the Indians to face the Red Sox, and even then the AL west series winner can&#39;t sweep.

    So the Yankees are probably facing the Twins.

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    I think Minnesota is the greatest threat.

    I am hoping they quit this last weekend like they did last year and let Detroit off the hook for the alltime record and Anaheim/Oakland slips ahead of them, but really doubt it because they have some Yankee phobia and will probably keep playing.

    Bottomline as RS said, a team with 1 great pitcher is a big threat in a short series. Seeing the Twins essentially wrapped up the division in August, they have their rotation set-up for the ALDS. The Sox most likely and/or Yankees could have their hands full in the ALDS.


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